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Featured Artist - Kane Minogue

By Chris New April 29, 2020

Thanks for talking to Upcycleit Kane , and thankyou for the years of contribution to the Upcycleit facebook Group . Your work is inspirational !

1) Why do you do what you do ? I do what I do to escape life's tragedy of the norm, the cyclic illusion that life has to be this or that repeated day in day step outside from the world and into my soul, and to find inner peace , that place of nothingness, a meditative state where time itself doesn't internal rather that external existence where each moment happens to you or through you..the work has to be's addictive and I can't stop .2) How do you work ?  Being a nature based person, I choose to work in the quiet of nature, amongst the wildlife with two resident wedge tailed eagles, plenty of roos other birdlife goannas and eastern dingos, I can lookout from my 6x8 workshop and see these guys closeup all day and it's super inspiring and peaceful to be able to connect on that level. I predominantly only use a 4 inch grinder and a 175 razor Unimig to create all my work as I'm offgrid and only use a 6kva generator to create all my work..everything else is hand bent hand rolled and I'm constantly Mcgyvering ways and tricks to get things short cuts or fancy tooling out here. And I prefer it that way. 3) What is your background ? my background is in metal fabrication/welding and have done quite a few old classic cars up 40s 50s 60s back long before the scrap metal bug took hold..that was the passion before I discovered this. 4) What's Integral to the work of an artist ? the most integral work of an artist for me, is to find your own uniqueness, put everything into searching for your own way, your own gift..its imperative we celebrate who we are doing what others are not..through individuality and soulful expression is where the real journey begins..and into the rabbit hole you go..Art for me is the souls having children. They are unique and one if a kind ,I feel the same about should be representative of something happening through you and less premeditated's a journey. 5) Did anyone or anything influence you ?  When I first started nearly 5 long years ago ( I foolishly quit my job after a bet with my dad I couldn't sell my first piece) that I only made to keep busy in a quiet week....needless to say I sold it in 3 days and quit my job then and there.....silly move.but no struggle no growth I spose.. I had no idea anyone else even did this kind of stuff when I started but within a few months I had friends,family showing me things others where making and I was totally blown away and in's funny now cause I'm good mates with most of the artists I used to ogle over their work.. I've never really been overly influenced as I've always believed in focussing on what I'm doing and my own journey ,I think ppl can easily miss out on their own potential and growth by too closely following or being overly's all about doing the work....that's where the magic starts and the journey of self begins....there are some bloody amazing artist s out there and as a beginner we all must remember we suck at the start..passion ,perseverance and practice. 6) What is your favourite piece / creation ? Not sure I have an absolute favourite piece as yet, I'd like to think I'll continue to achieve better and better results as I gain more experience from the journey and topics are ever changing. But I do have a few maybe my turtles and a few of the fish..the 6 foot 3 wedge tailed eagle was a good challenge..but I feel I'm only running at the 50% mark with the evolution of say maybe the next ten years if I'm lucky enough to be able to continue as a full time artist 7) How do you price your work ?  pricing varies, obviously the topic and scale of the work, the detail involved and technical difficulty and play the major roles in this game regarding pricing..then there is consumables ie. sourcing parts (Yea we do pay for about 30%of them) welding wire, gas, flap discs cutting discs ,industrial degreaser lots of it...petrol for generator and the Finnish clear be it penetrol or two pack auto clear or something else depending on desired effect..I've always priced my work very fairly which has enabled me to persue my dream at my own detriment. As a artist, for me it's important we keep having the opportunity to create and being full time you need to move your work..the sacrifice is huge at the start ..but things are picking up now and hopefully moving in a good solid direction...some gigs take 1 week some take a month so it's all relevent and important to not overcharge but not sell your soul in the process ...I've lost on many jobs but that's all part of the lessons and sacrifice u will make to last in this game. Thanks heaps for your time buddy , and your great earth friendly art .

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